World Technology Day PPT Competition Middle Wing

  Celebrating Innovation: World Technology Day PPT Competition On World Technology Day, our students showcased their technological prowess and creativity through an exciting PPT competition. The event highlighted the importance of technology in today's world and encouraged students to explore its various facets. We are proud to announce the winners who impressed us with their insightful presentations: Grade 6: 1st Place: Vinayak Rao 2nd Place: Saanvi Parmar 3rd Place: Saanvi Gupta Grade 7: 1st Place: Akshita Sharma 2nd Place: Rohiineesh Yadav 3rd Place: Prakhar Srivastava and Aks Jindal (tied) Grade 8: 1st Place: Avika 2nd Place: Vaibhavi 3rd Place: Ronit Sharma Congratulations to all the winners for their outstanding efforts and innovative ideas! #WorldTechnologyDay #PPTCompetition #TechSavvy #Innovation #STEMEducation #CreativeLearning #FutureTechnologists #SchoolEvent #RPSIS -89

Family Day Activity

Celebrating Family Day Our school joyously celebrated Family Day with a series of delightful craft activities that brought students and their families closer together. Grade 6 students created charming family trees, showcasing their family connections and history. Grade 7 students designed and decorated beautiful photo frames to capture cherished family moments. Grade 8 students crafted stunning paper flower bouquets, symbolizing the love and care that flourish within their families.  It was a day filled with creativity, bonding, and heartfelt memories. #FamilyDay #SchoolCrafts #FamilyBonding #CreativeKids #SchoolActivities #RPSIS-89 #MemorableMoments #MiddleWing  

Athletic Meet Middle Wing

 Celebrating World Athletic Day  School athletic meet was a vibrant celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship, held to honor World Athletic Day. Students enthusiastically participated in a variety of events including races, long jump, and shot put, showcasing their skills and competitive spirit. The atmosphere was electric as athletes pushed themselves to new heights and distances, cheered on by their peers.  #AthleticMeet  #RPSIS-89 #WorldAthleticDay #StudentAthletes