Anti-tobacco Campaign-Save Future Generations

“Tobacco Companies Kill their Best Customers and Once You Start; Its Hard to Stop…”

An Anti-Tobacco/Smoking campaign was organized by RPS International School, Sector 89, Gurugram by participating in  World No Tobacco Day celebration on Friday May 31, 2019. A march to a nearby village called ‘Garhi Harsaru’ was backed up with student volunteers of class VIII to spread awareness regarding ill-effects of tobacco consumption and encouraging quitting of tobacco. The march was led by Ms. Shiva Yadav, the School Administrator along with the school staff, hon’ble Sarpanch and Panches of the village.A street play on ‘Anti Tobacco’ was put up by the students. They urged everyone present there to take a firm step against tobacco consumption and smoking not only to improve healthcare but also to alleviate poverty and prevent environmental degradation.Anti-smoking messages are ubiquitous on posters and placards.
Hon’ble Principal,Dr. Roopa Marwaha Bhalla appreciated and thanked the village Sarpa…

Sahaja Yoga Workshop-Journey of Self-Realisation

“You cannot know the meaning of your life until you are connected to the power that created you.” Sahaja Yoga is a unique method of meditation based on an experience called Self Realization (Kundalini awakening) that can occur within each human being.Through this process an inner transformation takes place by which one becomes moral, united, integrated and balanced.One can actually feel the all pervading divine power as a cool breeze, as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. In our attempt to promote the Self Realization, RPS International School Sec -89 organised Sahaja yoga workshop on Saturday, April 27  2019 in the school wherein teachers as well as students of all the classes (VI - IX & XI) participated enthusiastically. The complete session of meditation and relaxation helped students learn the positive impacts of Yoga and understand its power that it not only leaves its impression on our body but on our souls as a whole. It teaches us to cure wh…

Visit To National Science Center

At, RPS, we believe that trips and excursions are a perfect way to expand one’s horizons. This is why we organise regular excursions for students to promote learning through outdoor interactions, and experiences. In addition such trips also instil a sense of appreciation for the wonders of the earth and exposes one to a wide variety of cultural and geographical ecosystems.
An Educational trip was organized to the National Science Centre, Delhi for the students of class VI - IX & XI on Monday, May 28, 2019.The visit proved to be a great way to arouse curiosity in the minds of school students and was a thrilling and motivating experience.The edutaining exercise included observing the myriad models, structures and diagrams on display and even trying a hand at the interactive experiments. The models and simulations ranged across the fields of science both physical and biological. The students took a tour of the following galleries- Water- the elixir of life, Hall of nuclear power, O…

Roller Skating Championship 2019

‘Roller Skating is not only a sport but also a skilled art form.’ RPS International School takes pride in sharing that our proficient and competent students have added another feather in their cap by winning laurels in an Inter School Roller Skating Competition, which was organized at Mothers Pride/Presidium School,Pataudi, Gurugram, Haryana on Sunday, May 5 2019. Out of 21 participants of RPS International School, Sector 89, Gurugram, 10 participants won the medals.The beaming winners were Ritik Yadav, Kanika Yadav, Aabir Vaidya,Jivika Yadav,Bhavishya Yadav, Muskan Yadav, Priyanshu, Saksham, Aditya made the school feel proud. The CEO of RPS Group, Er. Manish Rao congratulated the students for their marvellous performance. He also promised to lend total support to the children in their National and International endeavours. The School Principal Dr. Roopa Marwaha Bhalla appreciated the students for their efforts and motivated them to achieve greater heights. The euphoria of the champio…

Chess Tournament

Heralding the Chess Champion

RPS89,Gurugram's thriving sports ethos was in evidence when RPSian Kush Gupta of class IX won the first position against the top chess players of Gurugram in DCA below 1600 FIDE Rated Chess Tournament 2019.He took home a cash prize of Rs.10000.

Three cheers for the champ!

Plant Conservation Day

"Trees are God’s great alphabet: With them He writes in shining green Across the world His thoughts serene"
 RPS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL,SEC 89 celebrated the Plant Conservation Day on Saturday May 18,2019. The initiative was accomplished under the able guidance of our school administrator , Ms. Shiva Yadav. Students of classes VI - VIII were given a variety of saplings, which included some medicinal herbs as well, to plant at various spots in the school ground.They also asserted their voice through creative slogans, banners and posters. The event not only brought together on a same plane in uniting their voice against nonchalance towards environment, but also was instrumental in underscoring the urgency of the situation. School principal Dr.Roopa Marwaha Bhalla said, such events not only encourage students, to save the nature but also make them understand the importance of keeping the world green. She further emphasized the importance of afforestation, planting of trees and the…

Inter School Hindi Debate Competition

RPS International  School,Sec 89 registered its III position in the Inter School Hindi Debate Competition, held at RPS Public School Kosli on Friday May 10,2019.The participants Anisha Tanwar (VIII),Sarthak Shama(VII) and Himanshi(VI) spoke candidly for & against the given topic('EVM is better than Paper Ballot').They came up with their perspective regarding the same. They cited reasons and supported them with suitable examples from real life, to justify their stand. It was an enriching and learning experience for the young debaters and the audience to listen to the arguments put forth by  all the participants. The debates were engrossing and the audience thoroughly enjoyed  the event.
 On return, the achievers of RPS89 were felicitated by  the School Principal Dr.Roopa Marwaha Bhalla and School Administrator Ms.Shiva Yadav  for showcasing amazing performance and Great Spirit.